Access your customer database, anywhere, anytime...

Anytime, anywhere, whether you are on the road, at a conference or out of the country, as long as there is internet connection you can access your database or any other Yview facility, via p.c, Ipad or mobile phone.  Instant  access at your fingertips.


Access your customer database, anywhere, anytime...

Access customer database Access customer database

As well as having the facility to fully schedule the appointments for both your operatives and your resources, the Yview scheduling and office management system also allows you to take control of your customers. Instead of having your customer details on a separate database, Yview captures and stores customer data for you.

New Customers 

The Yview scheduling and office management system was carefully designed to match the typical workflow involved in creating an appointment for both a new and existing customers. This means that as you receive the appointment information you can navigate the screens in a logical path to add the required details necessary for your operatives and your records.

As you know both accurate and detailed customer data is essential from both a customer service and marketing point of view. That is why Yview's customer database goes beyond the typical data collection afforded by other software packages. As well as capturing basic customer information Yview also records:

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Detailed Notes Section - For customer specific infoirmation.
  • Referral Type - allows you to keep track any current marketing / publicity strategy
  • Customer Type (i.e. business or home user)
  • Email address
  • Directions to customers premises

Existing Customers

As well as taking care of the collection of new customer data, Yview also allows you to quickly identify existing customers in the system. Yview has a comprehensive “find customer” facility which allows you to search for customers based on the ID number, company name, postcode or surname. In fact the search facility on Yview is so powerful that if you only can remember part of the customer’s details, the software will show you all the results matching that part. Finally, the “find customer” facility in Yview is so fast it allows you to have the entire customer’s details on the screen seconds after they call you. This feature alone will increase your company’s professional image amongst your client group and allow you to make the appointment process faster and simpler.

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Who is the application for?

If you run a business which needs to schedule staff or items, you want to record monies to jobs and monitor your incoming finances, keep customer records and offer a reminder service and so much more, then this application is for you.

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